If fishing is a hobby of yours, Drögen is the lake for you! Drögen is a untouched lake formed by nature itself, where depth goes down to 40 meters and with shallow bays can be found just around every corner. From a professional anglers point of view, this is a varied lake where many of the fishing methods has proven themself very effective. The mysterious lake Drögen with its many coves, rocky slopes, islands, and maximum depth of over 30 meters, where large pike and perch lies and waits for the hopeful angler. This lake is very varied from an angler's point of view. Large pike will gladly visit the lake's shallow bays, located right on the edge of the deep slopes, where they usually live. On the sonar, you can often see schools of whitefish (Coregonus albula) "guarded" by one of the many huge pikes. Each season captures our guests pike of over 110 cm.